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Delaware Area Classifieds

Code: 1222

Your print classified ad will reach over 280,000 HOMES in the state of Delaware through these free weekly Publications.

Classified ads will run in the following Delware papers:

The Dialog Wilmington
Dover Post Sun Times Express
Airlifter Dover
Greenville Community News
Millbank Community News
Hockessin Community News
Brandywine Community News The Guide (3)

Classified advertising rate is based on 25 words.


Is your ad longer than base price?
25 Word Base Ad - $143.00
30 Word Ad - $171.00
35 Word Ad - $199.00
40 Word Ad - $227.00
45 Word Ad - $255.00
50 Word Ad - $283.00

Standard Number of Words: 25
Number of Publications: 10
Circulation: 280,000
Guidelines and Restrictions: No 900# classified ads.