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Michigan Community Newspapers 2x2 Display Advertising

Code: 1423

Reach over 300,000 homes with these free & paid distribution community papers. Your ad will run as a 2 column x 2 inch display ad. There is not a minimum word count requirement, but we recommend that advertisers not exceed 40 words to avoid the ad being too busy. Less copy will allow us to use larger type and clip art where available. Logos can be submitted via email to [email protected]


Is your ad longer than base price?
40 Word Base Ad - $250.00

Save With our Quantity Specials
Quantity Price Break
1 $250.00
4 $187.50

Standard Number of Words: 40
Number of Publications: 24
Circulation: 318,918
Guidelines and Restrictions: In order to receive the 25% discount, you must buy in quantities of 4. No 900#s.