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NY, Catholic Newspapers

Code: 1769

Your print classified advertising will be printed in America's largest Catholic newspaper with a Circulation of over 130,000 in the New York area printed every other Thursday.

Catholic New York is distributed in the following counties of the Archdiocese of New York:
Staten Island

Catholic New York is the largest community newspaper of its kind in America. It directly serves the Metropolitan area... and one of the fastest growing, wealthiest regions in the nation - the Hudson Valley.

Catholic New York is widely recognized for its journalistic excellence...and its reader loyalty.

Catholic New York is the voice of authoritative news and information about the New York Archdiocese... and the Catholic community worldwide.

Catholic New York is the only newspaper that reports on the inspirational life of parishes... and on parishioners who are making a difference.

Catholic New York is read. It’s kept for more than a week, has multiple readers in the household who spend more than an hour reading it... and readers report believing it.

Catholic New York readers are upscale

• 73% own their own compared to 53% for all NYS

• Nearly 50% earn more than $60,000... as compared to 18% for all of NYS

• 22% earn more than $80, compared to 10.6% for all NYS

• Median household income is $56,400...compared to $47,994 NE region average

Catholic New York readers are well-educated
• 78%haveattendedcollege
• 33% have attended graduate school

Catholic New York readers work in professional and technical fields
• 43%workintheprofessionalortechnicalsector... as compared to 10% for all NYS
• 18%areexecutivesandmanagers

Catholic New York readers are at peak earning age
• 14%arebetween 35and55 • 24% are between55 and 64

Classified advertising is based on 15 words.


Is your ad longer than base price?
15 Word Base Ad - $54.00
20 Word Ad - $63.00
25 Word Ad - $71.00
30 Word Ad - $80.00

Standard Number of Words: 15
Number of Publications: 1
Circulation: 132,680
Guidelines and Restrictions: No business opportunity, work at home, financial or adult entertainment advertising. Printed bi-weekly except for the first issue of July.