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Southeast U.S. - Creative Loafing Newspaper

Code: 1145

Your print classified ad will reach 280,000 Homes with this weekly free distribution alternative newspaper focusing on local culture, events, and entertainment.

Your classified ad will run in the following four southeastern area alternative publications:

Sarasota, FL
Charlotte, NC
Atlanta, GA
Tampa, FL

About Creative Loafing...

"When readers pick up Creative Loafing, they know they'll get a fresh perspective on news and social issues; authoritative commentary on local and national music, cuisine, arts and entertainment events; and the best guide to restaurants and things to do in the Charlotte area, from poetry readings, lectures and wine tastings to outdoor concerts, hip-hop competitions and sporting events. Creative Loafing readers have active lifestyles and curious minds. They work hard, play hard and look for new experiences, new ideas and new relationships. They care about their community and do what they can to make it a good, diverse place where everyone can work and play in harmony. Creative Loafing is the largest alternative newspaper chain in the Southeast." - Creative Loafing

Classified advertising rate is based on a 15 words.

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Is your ad longer than base price?
15 Word Base Ad - $108.00
20 Word Ad - $129.00
25 Word Ad - $149.00

Standard Number of Words: 15
Number of Publications: 4
Circulation: 280,000
Guidelines and Restrictions: No 900# Classified Advertising.