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Washington City Paper Classified Advertising

Code: 1732

Place your print classified ad in over 73,000 Homes in Washington, D.C. and surrounding suburbs in Maryland and Virginia in one of the largest weeklies in the country.

About City Paper

Published since 1981, Washington City Paper is a general-interest publication and an online destination for local urban explorers. It specializes in features rather than news, with an emphasis on urban issues and politics, arts and entertainment, restaurants, and the peculiar pros and cons of city life. In addition, City Paper publishes comprehensive film, theater, music, gallery, dance, and museum guides and a large classified advertising section. It is well-known as a showcase for some of the citys most talented journalists, critics, and artists.

City Paper is a controlled-circulation weekly, printed in a tabloid format on newsprint. More than 73,000 copies are distributed in the District of Columbia and the close-in suburbs of Maryland and Virginia.


18-34 - 39.3%
25-49 - 65.5%

Female - 39.5%
Male - 60.5%

Attended College - 91%
Graduated College - 74%

Professional/Managerial - 45%

Median Household Income:

Classified advertising rate based on 35 words.

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Is your ad longer than base price?
35 Word Base Ad - $40.00
40 Word Ad - $45.00
45 Word Ad - $50.00
50 Word Ad - $55.00
55 Word Ad - $60.00
60 Word Ad - $65.00

Standard Number of Words: 35
Number of Publications: 1
Circulation: 73,000
Guidelines and Restrictions: No 900# Classified advertising.