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Wisconsin Free Advertiser Network, Milwaukee Region

Code: 1432

Your print classified ad will reach over 274,000 Households in the northern region of Wisconsin with these weekly Wisconsin publications.

Classified ads will be published in the following community papers:

Cedarburg Ozaukee Sunday Post
Hartford The Booster
Milwaukee The Post and This Week
Oconomowoc Lake Country Sunday Post
Washington County Sunday Post
Waukesha Area Sunday Post and West Bend
The Booster

Classified advertising rate is based on 15 words.


Is your ad longer than base price?
15 Word Base Ad - $66.00
20 Word Ad - $77.00
25 Word Ad - $88.00

Standard Number of Words: 15
Number of Publications: 16
Circulation: 274,266
Guidelines and Restrictions: Classified Ads promoting "work at home" programs need to avoid "at home" terminology. Ads can state "from any location" or "from anywhere". Ads submitted with "at home" terminology may not receive full quoted circulation. ACS, Inc. reserves the right to edit ad copy if needed. If there is a question please contact us at [email protected]