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Acceptance Guidelines

Most guidelines are listed in the guidelines boxes on the ad program pages. Here are a few more guidelines that apply to all of the advertising programs that we offer:

1. No Canadian loan or debt consolidation ads are accepted without being able to verify legitimacy of the offer.

2. Adoption ads must accompany a letter from the attorney involved.

3. No occult or satanic references permitted.

4. No advertising promoting pornography is permitted.

5. Ads that request money to be sent in the mail for information may be asked to provide a sample of the information being sold. Advertisers will be contacted if this is needed.

6. No ads promoting online gambling or off shore gambling is permitted.

American Classified Services, Inc. reserves the right to reject any advertisement for any reason. We screen all orders for credit card fraud and report all cases to authorities.

American Classified Services is not responsible for ads that do not run due to conflicts with the guidelines of individual publications. Please read the individual guidelines carefully and make sure your ad complies. Some individual programs will not guarantee a specific circulation if your ad does not meet their individual guidelines. If there is a question, please send a copy of the ad to us by email for pre-approval before an order is placed. These may be emailed to [email protected]

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