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Advertising Results has the best programs I have ever used! - Cliff, Ohio

My ad was red hot with your service! I just started doing this last October and have tried a few newspapers but yours has been the best one so far.  -Shawn

I looked over the ad & I liked what i saw.  I appreciate the time you took to advise me of the marketing results. -S.B.

Leigh Ann, Thanks for checking in, but we’re set for a while.  We received a comfortable number of responses and are still filtering through them....Thanks for your great customer service! Kate L.

I'm sorry for such a long delay and I thank you for following up.  The advertising results were great!  We sold the land and it was as a result of advertising with American Classified Services.  We are very happy and will definitely use your services in the coming months. Thank you, A.

As always, I appreciate your expedience in getting back to me with answers to my questions!

Julie B.

Many thanks! I appreciate the follow-up and the good service!


Dear Don,
Thank you and Leigh Ann so very much! We have a beautiful baby girl and of course adoptions being what they are we needed as much funds as we could recoup and this is fantastic news! 
I am very happy with the service I have received at American Classifieds and this is just a further testament of that quality service.  I run into a lot of people, like us, pursuing private adoption and I always recommend they too place via networks and are always  happy to recommend American Classifieds for their ad placement. Our prior adoption took place in less then 6 weeks and was a direct call from an ad order we placed with you company; although this current adoption came via another route I know that this is a way to go in terms of advertising, getting the best coverage, rates and service!
Thank you again!

 Donna, NY

Dear Leigh Ann, Thanks for all your help.  THe ads have drawn me just enough leads, which have become stories for my book, and I hope to get it all to my printer in mid-April.  Your ads did a good job.  -David P.

As always, I really appreciate your help!  You are THE most helpful advertising person out there - no question.



 Thanks for getting this to me so promptly.  You guys are going to get the business over Nationwide, who never got back to me all day.  Keep up the great customer service! -B.K.

 Leigh Ann,

You have just won my undying devotion! Thanks so much for the help.  No one else has even asked... Thank you so much. -G.

Leigh Ann,

Thank you very much for sending me the tearsheet of my ad.  I like the lady's face in the ad.  I'm  receiving a good response!  Thank you! 


P. Christian

Thank you for your speed and efficiency!
B. K. PhD

"I really appreciate your time and advice. We are meeting many exceptional people like you in our adoption journey." - Liz B, Morris Plains, NJ

Hi Ali. Thank you for taking the time out to send us some points and sugestions on our website. We will follow up on all and make the needed modifications. Thanks again. - Joe I, Tampa, FL

"Now that is Great Customer Service, Thank you. It is a pleasure doing business with you." -William R.

"Dear Leigh Ann,

It's high time I dropped you a note of appreciation. As you know, the quality of contacts one has in business is often critical to the success of the operation. And, I want to take a moment and let you know that, not only do I appreciate the sincerity of your friendship over the last seven or eight years, but I consider you one of those rare exemplary individuals that I can count on as one of my inside business contacts.

Your loyalty, resourcefulness, attitude, and competency have been very valuable to FreshStart America and its continuing success -- thanks a million!

Very truly,
Allan B. Cafferky, II
Managing Trustee
FreshStart Services of America"

"On the subject of Leigh Ann Kristiansen. & American Classified Services, Inc.

Leigh Ann has worked with us for three years now and the relationship has been a successful one. Unlike other placement organizations, Leigh Ann took the time to learn about our corporation's products and services. Once she understood what we were looking for, great results soon followed. Since the beginning of our advertising campaign with American Classified Services, we have had the ability to get honest answers to questions regarding response rates, hot areas, new markets etc. ACS, Inc. is always forging ahead by compiling new market groups and is there to answer my questions when they arise. In short Leigh Ann is viewed as a partner, helping us maintain a multi-million dollar advertising campaign. She is effective and responsive and has endured our standards for three years. American Classified Services packages big business results with small business attention, a definite winner for us."

-Rick Fisher
Media Director
CDM Inc.

"Working with Leigh Ann and American Classified Services has helped quadruple my business. For three years product sold averaged between $4,000-$5,000 monthly. For August 1998, I started advertising through American Classified Services. By December 1998 my sales hit $21,832! Since that time my monthly sales have been between $19,000-$22,000. Also, I've spent less money with American Classified Service than I was previously spending on ads when my business averaged only $4,000-$5,000 monthly!"

-Carol Barrett

“Thank you so much Leigh Ann. Thank you for the good price on the advertising; it’s really good what you’re doing there on the mass advertising to get a better price.” -Tony V., Lewisville, TX

“I can tell by how fast you usually respond to my emails. Other companies take at least 3-4 days to respond to my emails... Seems like I’m your only customer.” -Calvin L., Sacramento, CA

“Betty has to be commended because she is not only professional but personal!” -Rocco C., New Jersey

“I appreciate the quality service you have been providing me. Having had prior experience as a customer service manager, I always have that perspective in mind and thus appreciate the hard work that is involved in keeping customers satisfied.” -Allison G., Upland, CA

“Scott had forwarded your email below along with heaps of praise regarding the advertising you had done for him in the past. Feel free to contact me directly and let’s see if we can’t get some programs running!” -Derek L., Kansas

“Your service is great for regional classified into many different states and counties.” -Felix L.

“Just to report we area very happy with the response we got from our advertising... has more than paid for our expense... thank you very much.” -Dr. Thomas K., Boston, MA

“Thanks again for all your help and caring. I appreciate all your efforts.” -Phyllis B., Elkins Park, PA

“Thank you for spending so much time with me. This is very rare today; most people don’t take the time.” -Glenn F., Covena, CA

“Thank you for your great service.” -Robert F., Rochester, MN

“Leigh Ann, Thank you very much. If the ad produces results for me I will request more weeks! You have been wonderful to work with. At least you’re not a black hole. I know someone got my request and did something with it. Wow! I really appreciate your service.” -Yvonne B., Lake Orion, MI

“You are terrific! Take a bow.” -Dr. Andrew L.

“Received more responses to the last ad, than ever before. Thanks for your help!” -John O., Austin, TX

“Thank you for your attention to this. You’re always a big help. Thank you!” -Bill C., Santa Barbara, CA

“I am delighted to find a company such as yours, which can help me to promote my business on a national level, with ease.” -Dr. M.K. Gaithersburg, MD

“Wow! You ARE helpful -- just like the testimonials on your site say!!" -E.M. Gooden

"Thank you for responding so quickly. It’s always fun to see if it’s true what they say in the testimonials – evidently it is." - A. Barkis

"I am taking a weeks vacation... going to Mexico and you are the one that helped my family get there with the referral plan." -Elizabeth M.

"Thanks for caring about my success with the ad!" -George A.

"Thank you for being so efficient and responding so quickly." -Susan P.

"Thank you for your diligence, Leigh Ann. Your testimonials are true to the bone." -Frank

"I just wanted to let you know that I am really excited about the ads I placed with you. I have already seen it in 2 or 3 online newspapers in the Kansas State... Even though I have not had responses to my ads yet, I will advertise with you again. Thanks oodles, Danielle

"The advertisement is fantastic. It looks really really good. Thank you so much. I am more than pleased. Great work." -Nakia M.

"You have been so good to me. We love using you... you are very easy to work with and you are so honest which is important to me. Say hi to betty she is a doll." -Elizabeth M.

"I LOVE YOU!" -Jeanne E.

"You have made my day... Leigh Ann, you and your company are great. I very satisfied with both. Thank you for your great help. Have a Nice Day!" -Brenda

"You're the absolute BEST!!! Many Thanks.... hope to work with you again in the future." - Pamela A.

"Thank you so much for your quick response... I appreciate your service. It was very easy and professional. Looking forward to doing more business in the future." - Peggy H.

"Thanks for your great customer service!" - Dr. Eric W.

"I think that you are great!!!! Thanks Again!!!!" - Rich H.

"Thank you. I appreciate working with you and look forward to lots of spending with plenty of good results!" - John L.

"I've been purchsing weeks of the Florida Shopers Network, the American Classifieds network and the New York Shoppers Network. I am pleased with the turn around and ROI. You referred me to these networks and want to know if there are any other good networks that I should try in addition to these. Let me know if there are any more good deals out there. Thanx a million..." -Shane H.

"...You have been great & I really appreciate all you've done... and I will continue referring others to you!" -Carol B.

"Thanks for the heads up on availability for ad space! You guys 'ROCK' with keeping your clients informed of SPECIALS - it really makes it easier for me to advertise without constantly resubmitting for space!!!" -Julie

"You have gone far beyond the call of duty for these little ads I placed--and I want you to know that your customer service is the best ever! Have a lovely weekend too, Joanna"

"Thank you for the prompt customer service! If I get a proof of some sort for my files, that would be great. I truly appreciate your staying on top of things and replying to my emails so quickly." -Julie B.

"Hi Leigh Ann, we have seen fantastic volume from your ads, and are in need of some catch up time to follow up properly. Please hold off from publishing any new ads for Coastal Dream Properties for a time. I would like to hold off at least this week and possibly next week also. I'll be in touch.. Thank You. Tony Free, CDP"

"I just wanted to give you a special thank you for your service. I've been getting some results from the previous advertisement that I posted through your website. This looks like it will be an ongoing business relationship between you and I. Thanks, Carlo"

"You are a gem, Leigh Ann. Thank you. Jean M."

"Thank you for your response. I like doing business with small business owners and your quick response to us validates my opinion that we are doing business with the right people. Being a small business owner myself, I find that other owners such as yourself know the challenges we face and seek to add real benefit..." - Charles R.

Regarding an adoption ad... "First of all, we want to say Thank You. Thanks to your help with placing the ads - we have a beautiful daughter - born on October 25, 2005." - Andy R.

"By the way, as usual I am getting great results with the previous order that was placed in Liberty National with Leigh Ann a couple of weeks ago. American Classified Services is AWESOME! Thanks again. -Veronica"

"...I must say your group is excellent to work with. I've not had such great (and pleasant) customer service response in ages! - Carla"

"Your service is without question, possibly the most professional link in the loop! - Alex B."

"Looks Good! I'm so pleased with the results that I got from the last ads that I placed. You will be seeing allot more from me!!! Thanks, Cindy..."

"You’re the BEST!! I cannot thank you enough!! " Darlene B.

"Hello and thank you for being so polite and helpful."-Karen & Peter

"Thank You soooooo much Leigh Ann, You Rock!" - Renee V.

"Thank you so much for help and all of your hard work I really appreciate it!" - Tisha C.

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