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Can I get a copy of the ad after it is published?

Though we do not guarantee advertising tearsheets for the ads we can do notorized affidavits of publication after the ads have run for proof of publication. In the event of an ad not pulling any responses whatsoever or minimal responses we do a tearsheet request to verify the publication and accuracy of the ad. Once that checks out okay, then we can fax you a copy of the tearsheet(s) on hand and/or an affidavit if needed. We also a copy of the invoice and credit card transaction once the credit card has been charged. If a fax number is not provided with the order, a copy of the credit card transaction is not sent. The affidavits would then be mailed to the address provided. If we find that an ad did not publish on schedule we will contact you regarding rescheduling or running a make-good.


I am a new advertiser. Do you provide a consulting service to help educate me and get the most for my advertising dollar?

Yes. We are glad to answer any questions an advertiser has about any of our programs. We are more than happy to assist you in putting together a campaign that will work for you at no charge. Just call or email. We are always more than happy to speak personally with our clients!

We also offer in depth consultations for a nominal charge. The charge for the consultation will show up on your account and credited to your first order as well! An in depth consultation can be a very useful tool to help you get the most for your money. To set up a private consultation appointment, call us at 618-351-7570. We will be in touch with your to make an appointment for the call. To give you uninterrupted, personal attention, we prefer to do these types of consultations Monday-Wednesday each week.


How many times does my ad run for the price listed?

One time. Your ad is scheduled to run in one issue in the publications participating in the programs. If you want to run multiple weeks you may do so by adjusting the quantity of weeks ordered on the order form. We highly recommend at least three to four weeks for a good test run for any ad.


How do you count words when determining the ad size?

Anything that can stand alone as a word is counted as one word. Examples: "Earn $500/mo." is three words. "PT/FT" is one word. "Toll-free" is two words. Telephone numbers without extensions are one word. "1-800-000-0000 Ext. 000" is counted as three words. "PO Box 000" is three words. Web and email addresses are counted as three to four words depending on length. Punctuation is not counted as a word.


What is deadline for weekly advertising?

We deadline all newspaper advertising programs every Thursday at 9am eastern time for about a week and a half following. Magazines and monthly publications have a longer leadtime. We will contact you with the appropriate run date for final approval before you are charged for these programs.


Can I find out what specific newspapers my ad will run in?

Yes. Please email us the four digit codes of the programs in which you are interested and we will gladly email or fax them back. Most paper lists are in an emailable format, however a few are not, so please include your fax number.


Is my advertising guaranteed to run in 100% of the newspapers that are listed in the programs?

In most cases, yes, however in programs that are run by associations such as the statewide press associations they generally guarantee a 90% participation rate. Most advertisers receive better than this, but this is their guarantee in the event of a publication error on the part of an individual newspaper.


Will the programs make-good on an error that occurs with the accuracy of my ad?

If there is an error that occurs on the part of the newspapers that effects the response to your ad, the networks and newspaper generally have no problem in issuing a rerun. If you find that one paper within a large group made an error, please try to find out what specific paper or city made the error so we can ask for a rerun in that particular paper. In most cases, if we can find the paper with the problem, they will make good on the error.


Can I have my ad bold and centered?

Any specific formatting request will be forwarded to the newspapers. We DO NOT guarantee that they will all comply. Many of the newspapers have a preset format in which all their ads are typed so they will not be able to comply with the request.


Why are some college newspaper advertising programs listed as available year-round and others are not?

Some colleges only publish their newspapers in the fall and spring semesters. The ones that we list as year-round also publish in the summer months. All college papers have periods over spring/ fall breaks and between semesters in which they do not publish. Advertisers that try to run during these times will be contacted with alternate publication dates before they are billed.


Is it possible to not get a single response on ads I run?

YES! Successful advertisers have been running their ads week after week, in the same newspapers, never changing the ad copy nor classification. Many "fly-by-night" ads appear in newspapers across the country. These ads generally do not do well for responses. The readers are very aware of ads that only appear a week or two in their newspapers and are never seen again. Readers do not call these ads, they respond to the ads that have built rapport with the readers by appearing for many weeks in a row. Many successful advertisers have run the same ads in the same newspapers for well over 250 weeks in a row. These repeat advertisers do very well and produce the highest number of responses possible. "Fly-by-night" ads do not do well at all. Also, keep your ad realistic. Remember, "if it's too good to be true", customers will not respond.


Will I get a copy of my receipt for the order?

Yes. Upon ordering you will receive an email the confirms that order that was just placed. Once processed our bookkeeper will also send you an invoice receipt showing payment made for the order. If a fax number is provided, it is sent via fax. If no fax number is provided, it is sent via email. For the cardholders protection as well as ours, we do ask that you sign and return the receipt.


Does have a link sharing program to improve search engine placement?

Yes. We do have a resource directory to which we welcome submissions. Click Here to complete get started with link sharing!.


Where and when do I type my ad copy in for ordering?

Once you have clicked on the CHECK OUT button, you will go to your shopping cart page. After you have checked to make sure that screen is accurate, click on CONTINUE. That will take you to a screen that will request your ad copy, run date and classification. At that point you can input your copy.