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Illinois Statewide Display Advertising 2x2

Code: 1352

Your classified display advertising will reach over 1.3 Million Households across Illinois with a display ad. Estimated readership is nearly 4.5 Million! Your ad will be a 3.7 inches x 2 inches and would be published in 251 daily and weekly newspapers. Though there is not a word count limitation on this program, we recommend advertisers to try to keep the word count at 40 words or less. This allows for larger type sizes and clipart to be used in the ads. Advertisers submitting copy ready art, should submit the ad in a pdf format in the appropriate dimensions. No adoption ads unless they are with an Illinois licensed agency.


Is your ad longer than base price?
40 Word Base Ad - $1,523.00

Standard Number of Words: 40
Number of Publications: 251
Circulation: 1,354,201
Guidelines and Restrictions: Adoption ads require a letter from an attorney indicating that home study has been done. Bus Oppt & investment ads MUST indicate the type of business to be invested in & the investment amount. Sales help must not appear to offer on a salary basis when pay is on a commission/ bonus basis. When based on commissions, no statement of amount that may be earned is acceptable unless it is guaranteed & states GUARANTEED in ad. Employment ads must be for a bonafide job & must state the nature of the work offered. No BusOppt ads will be placed under help wanted/ employment classifications. No ads offering job listing publications. No work at home/ medical billing ads. No personal loan/ debt consolidation ads. No mortgage/ installment buyout ads accepted unless licensed in Illinois. (A copy of license must be sent or faxed to us.) No advance fee credit card/ credit repair ads. No "How To" book, manual, video, or tape ads. No ads selling info on GOVT JOBS-HOMES-AUTOS. No dating service, psychic, hypnotist ads. No surrogate mother/ nanny ads. No 900# ads or 800# ads that refer you to 900#. No vending ads. No weight loss ads. Acceptance of travel / vacation packages may be subject to Better Business Bureau.