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Missouri Statewide - Eastern Region Display Advertising 2x2

Code: 1360

Reach over 350,000 households across eastern Missouri with a display ad. Your ad will be 3.75 inches x 2 inches and would be published in 64 daily and weekly newspapers. (246,000 circulation weekly papers, 110,000 circulation daily papers.) Though there is not a word count limitation on this program, we recommend advertisers to try to keep the word count at 40 words or less. This allows for larger type sizes and clipart to be used in the ads. Advertisers submitting copy ready art, should submit the ad in a pdf format in the appropriate dimensions.


Is your ad longer than base price?
40 Word Base Ad - $500.00

Standard Number of Words: 40
Number of Publications:
Circulation: 356,441
Guidelines and Restrictions: Ads not accepted: Adoption., Bus opp and investment ads that do not tell type of business to be invested in, and/or amount of investment, ads promising large salaries/ commissions, ads that can be misinterpreted by readers, 800 or 900 ads for dating services or talk to guys/girls, ads in poor taste, offensive, false, misleading, deceptive ads, ads not in compliance with state and federal regulations, money through the mail ads, Ads that offer jobs and equipment through listing publications, ads claiming bad credit repair, overseas jobs, 900 #, diet pills, drug, diet ads, cruise ads, scholarship/grant ads, no government job ads, unless approved, no work at home ads, unless pre-approved.