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Texas Statewide Display Advertising 2x2

Code: 1548

Your classified dispaly ad will reach over 2 Million readers across Texas with this 2X2 ad. Classified ads will be a 3.7 inches x 2 inches and published in 248 daily and weekly newspapers.


Is your ad longer than base price?
40 Word Base Ad - $1,100.00

Standard Number of Words: 40
Number of Publications: 248
Circulation: 684,457
Guidelines and Restrictions: Though there is not a word count limitation on this program, we recommend advertisers to try to keep the word count at 40 words or less. This allows for larger type sizes and clip art to be used in the ads. Advertisers submitting copy ready art, should submit the ad in a .pdf format in the appropriate dimensions. Adoption classified ads are accepted when accompanied by a letter from an attorney.