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Wisconsin Statewide Classified Advertising Network

Code: 1303

Your print classified ad will reach 1.2 MILLION people in the state of Wisconsin with this combination of paid daily and paid weekly newspapers.

Classified advertising rate is based on 25 words.


Is your ad longer than base price?
25 Word Base Ad - $250.00
30 Word Ad - $300.00
35 Word Ad - $350.00
40 Word Ad - $400.00
45 Word Ad - $450.00
50 Word Ad - $500.00

Save With our Quantity Specials
Quantity Price Break
1 $250.00
5 $200.00

Standard Number of Words: 25
Number of Publications: 166
Circulation: 1,200,000
Guidelines and Restrictions: ALL CLASSIFIED ADS MUST INCLUDE a full company name or, if a company name is not applicable, a contact name. WNA & individual publications reserve the right to properly classify, edit or reject ads in compliance with state/local laws & regulations & company policies. The following are guidelines to be used in the acceptance of advertising, ADS NOT ACCEPTED: Classified Ads for surrogate mothers; advertising for work-at-home projects; ads that request money to be sent by mail up front; ads that offers employment through a directory/ catalog; credit repair or advance-fee credit card ads; ads for 900/809 numbers or ads that refer callers to 900/809 numbers; companionship/ personal ads. Ads will be rejected if it appears to be false, misleading, fraudulent, libelous, discriminatory, defamatory, illegal, sexually suggestive or explicit, in poor taste, in objectionable format or for any other cause. Ads will be rejected if it is known or determined to discriminate based on age, race, color, national origin, religion, sex or marital status except where legal restrictions prevail. ADOPTION ADS are acceptable, with restrictions. Multiple week discount is a buy four, get a fifth week free special. Orders must be placed in five week increments to qualify.